Astonished by the reports coming from Southwest Michigan-based Honor Credit Union, Chatter Yak!, the Oshkosh, Wisconsin-based CUSO, is pleased to announce that Honor Credit Union is once again using Yak Tracker to generate incredible results.

Although barely four months into the year, Honor has now booked over $2.4 million in loans using Yak Tracker on social media and digital channels. The $2.4 million in loans closed and funded represents 27 loans that the credit union would not have otherwise secured, and pushed Honor past the total amount of loans they booked using the Yak Tracker system in all of 2016 ($2.396 million).

In 2016, Verve, a Credit Union set the Yak Tracker all-time record for loans closed in one year at $3.9 million dollars, but Honor is well positioned to surpass the record.

“We are always excited to look at Honor’s contests and learn from them,” said Bryce Roth, President at Chatter Yak!. “Honor does a wonderful job of setting up their questions, following up and tracking their results. Whenever we can, we help our other clients emulate Honor.”

When asked about Honor’s success, Chief Relationship Officer, Kent Figy said: “We’ve had some really good success using Yak Tracker campaigns to generate warm leads to refinance our members’ loans held at other financial institutions, saving them money. The first Home Equity Yak Tracker campaign we launched in the fall of 2016 resulted in 1,183 leads for our branch teams to contact and resulted in $1.4 million in new home equity loans. Since incorporating Yak Tracker into our regular marketing strategy we continue to see great results in 2017 as well. We are excited about continuing to leverage this partnership to provide more solutions to our members.”

To learn more about the full list of upgrades and how they can help your credit union start to turn “likes” into loans, contact Bryce Roth today.

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