Co-op Campaigns

Wish your members spoke to you more? Here’s how we can help.

Testimonial Contests

Ever wish you had more testimonials for your members?

The testimonial driven contests will collect positive comments and stories about the credit union so that you can use them in their marketing efforts. One of the submitted testimonials will be selected at random and will win $100.

Cooperative Principles Contests

The Cooperative Spirit Campaign is intended to demonstrate your credit union’s dedication by rewarding your members and supporting local charities.  This contest will ask members what their favorite charity is and the winner of the contest will be rewarded $100 and with the credit union donating $100 to the charity that the winner selected.

How do these work?

Step 1: Sign up for the contests

Step 2: Complete the enrollment form

Step 3: We will send you the winners name and contact information after the contest is over, all you need to do is contact them!


That is it! We HIGHLY encourage you to use the testimonials we collect by placing them on your various marketing outlets, and let your members know that you give back to your community through the Cooperative Principle Contests!


What is the cost?

Cost is $100 per contest or $300 for all four

Who pays for the winner? The credit union

It there only one winner for all credit unions who enroll? No, each credit unon will have one winner selected at random via Yak Tracker’s contest tool.

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